Orange Cardamom Ice Tea

I never really liked ice tea. Possibly because I first tried the canned version. After that I never bothered to order it in a restaurant. I almost always choose my beloved coke anyway. However this one time, I was dining at Chili’s with my family, and after 3 consecutive days of drinking coke twice a day, I felt that I had to choose something healthier. On their menu, they serve ice tea in different flavors. I chose blackberry. I expected a regular glass of ice tea. But oh no, not this! This came with an adorable little jug of blackberry syrup; which meant that I could decide the concentration and sweetness I wanted. I was in love! So this post is inspired by that idea. And also because I was trying to make a drink for my sanding sugar uses post. Two birds with one stone people!


Ingredients:  For 1


Duration: not more than 30 minutes

Black tea – 2 cups

Ice cubes – as needed

Orange cardamom syrup:

Orange juice – freshly squeezed, one whole orange

Orange zest – half an orange

Sugar – 3 or 4 tbsp.

Green cardamom – 2 pods, seeds removed and crushed



Zest half an orange with a grater and then juice the orange. If using shop bought juice, I’d say use about 1 cup.


To remove the cardamom seeds from the pod, crush the pods with a pestle or the blade of a heavy knife like so:


Remove the seeds; bruise them slightly to release the flavors.

Place the orange juice, zest and sugar in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. It should become glossy and syrupy. Add the cardamom powder and boil for 30 seconds. Take off the heat and pour into a pretty little jug. Or bottle. Or bowl. Whatever you want guys!



Garnish: Spread the sugar on a plate. Rub the rim of the glass with a wedge of lemon or orange (I don’t like wastage, so I used the leftovers from the orange juice. Plus, I was too lazy to slice anymore ;)). Dip the rim in the sugar and tap away the excess. I did not, so mine looks messy. But isn’t the messy look a style too nowadays? Yeah, my glasses be stylish :P.


Drink: Place the ice cubes in the glass. Pour the tea on top of it. (I poured hot tea on the ice, and it immediately chilled the tea. This means that I didn’t even have to wait for the tea to cool down :D). Fill the glass ¾ of the way. Now pour as much syrup as you want in it. The sweeter you want it, the more you’ll need. I used the whole lot. Because I love oranges. Love, love, love them! Just the smell makes me happy.


Perfect drink for a perfect summer day!


If you happen to try out other flavours, let me know how it worked out!

Happy experimenting, guys!



3 thoughts on “Orange Cardamom Ice Tea

  1. This drink was so well thought of, its also worth the time and effort you put into makin it:) i mean the combination of orange and tea is…………..brilliant. i mean, i cant emphasize enough on how good it tastes 🙂 it would in time become my comfort drink 😉 ; ) yes yes yes that good.

    Tips i’d suggest

    i tried variations with fresh orange juice, to go healthy but it didn’t compare with the syrup 😛 for one, fresh orange juice settles down at the bottom, two if u have sour oranges go make syrup, thats probably the best way to make use of those oranges 🙂

    Watermelon tastes nice with tea but again settles at the bottom, you’d have to keep stirring :P, i wasn’t adventurous enough to turn it into a syrup 😛 when i do i shall have more to say 😛

    if it isnt too much to ask, can u please please with cherry on top put up recipes you can do in less than 10 mins 😛

    1. Haha thank you so much Bug 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. And watermelon syrup sounds delicious! I have to try it out myself. Also, thanks for the sour orange tip, now they won’t go waste. And I’ll try my best come up with ten minute recipes too 🙂

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