Sanding sugar: 4 ways

Hey guys 🙂 In my first post, I tried making sanding sugar (colored sugar), with success! So now that we can make sugar of any color and texture, here are some of the many ways to use up this pretty ingredient!

1. As sprinkles: This is the most obvious and common use- a delicate sprinkling on top of food to prettify it. Here I ‘tried’ my hand at cake pops.


ooh look at them with their blue hair and blue robe- the triumvirate! And yes, they’re poked into a mango, because I couldn’t find anything else 😛

New folder5

They’re yellow cake and raspberry flavoured, with a coating of white chocolate and blue sanding sugar.


2. Cocktails: Use it to rim cocktails/mocktails. Rub a wedge of lime onto the edge of the glass and dip the glass in the sugar. It makes for a stunning presentation! Here, I made orange cardamom iced tea.

New folder4


3. Sugar decorations: you know those beautiful caramelized sugar decorations on top of those fancy desserts? Well now you can make them in different colors! All you have to do is take some of the sugar in a pan, place it over low heat. Normally, when you caramelize sugar, you don’t fiddle with it too much – a swirl or two; you let it sit till it turns golden and then IMMEDIATELY take off the heat. But not this! You don’t want caramelisation here! It will alter the original color of your sugar. So to avoid that, once the sugar is about 30% melted, stir it. Keep stirring it till it dissolves completely. Take off heat. Pour onto a silicon mat in whatever shape you like. Here I’ve done it two ways:

i) Using a spoon.

New folder1


Just imagine this on top of a cake? It makes for a stunning visual effect!

ii) Abstract: I just poured the sugar on the mat, let it set, and then broke it off into random chunks. They look like gems to me… So beautiful. They make elegant cupcake toppers, because they’re not too frilly.

New folder2



4. Designer sugar cubes (okay, technically, they aren’t cubes but I didn’t know what else to call them!):  Cinnamon sugar hearts for hot chocolate? Yes, please! So that’s what I made. Always be prepared for a rainy day, I say!


Mix a TINY amount of water with fine sugar, just enough to dampen it. You can also mix in a little essence with your sugar- you’ll have flavored, colored sugar! How awesome?! Now press this damp sugar into cookie cutters of your desired shape. Or you could use canapés/sandwich makers, because they make a very good job of tightly packing the sugar, as well as defining the shape. I prefer the sandwich makers. I used 1 tbsp. in each shape, that way you know how much sugar you’re adding to your beverage. Make sure it is tightly packed! Gently ease the shape out of the mould. Let it dry for a couple of hours and then for another hour, just to make sure ;). I wasn’t patient and look what happened to my shapes. Yes. Heartbroken. Literally! (Incidentally, this happened to the cookie cutter ones. You really have to pack it in TIGHTLY.)

New folder6

New folder7

There, fancy sugar things for your high tea!

Well these are the uses I could come up with it! Do you guys know of any other fun uses? Let me know in the comments!

Happy experimenting, guys!


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