Mini carrot cupcakes with a surprise icing!

Hey guys 🙂 This is a carrot cake recipe that converted even a carrot cake hater like me. This recipe is one I got during my training in the awesome bakery of a hotel. It is a very easy recipe, where all ingredients go into only one mixing bowl. Perfect for the sloth in all of us! Actually, the most difficult, rather, irritating part for me is grating the carrots. I rarely cut myself with the knife, but the stupid grater, that is an altogether different story! In fact I nicked myself today too. But what are some sacrifices on the path to deliciousness, eh?

Let’s talk about the icing. It was one that I had been dying to try out from a long time. It is also called French cream icing. So these cupcakes were also an excuse to try out this icing, as well as to practice piping. Something about piping makes me feel like a real professional chef de patisserie… Now I’m sure this is called surprise icing because of the ingredients, but whoa, it totally surprised me too! I was expecting it to taste horrible all the while I was making it. I was foretelling a fail post. But when I tasted it, oh my! What a delicious taste. It also pipes well. And this from FLOUR??? Yes, flour is the surprise ingredient here. I loved the recipe and this is an icing I’ll use again and again. Next time, I’ll probably reduce the quantity of sugar. But otherwise, the recipe is awesome!





Carrot cupcake batter

Makes 24 mini cupcakes or 12 big cupcakes

Duration: Prep-20 mins, Cooking time- 15-20 mins

Carrots, peeled and grated – 180gms

Sugar – 130gms

All-purpose flour – 100gms

Oil (any neutral oil, like sunflower oil) – 90ml

Hot water – 20ml

Bran ( I used Kellogg’s brand)- 20gms

Egg, whole – 1

Baking powder – 3gms

Baking soda – 2gms

Cinnamon – 2 gms

Apple cider vinegar – 5ml


Pre-heat the oven at 170 degree Celsius.

Peel the carrots and grate them to a large thickness.



P1040755Look at my adorable carrot shaped carrot peeler 😀

Soften the bran in the warm water first. Then combine all ingredients in one bowl, ensuring to break up all lumps of flour. Make sure to mix well. Use your hands, have fun!


one bowl only! YES!!!



Pour into cupcake liners. Fill 3/4 of the way, no more. You could also pour into a full sized cake tin. Whatever you like!



Bake for 15-20mins, or till a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the center.

P1040766You can see me squatting in the reflection, and oh, how I wish I’d worn something sexier 😉


Let it cool. It has to be completely cool before the icing is piped, otherwise the butter rich icing will jut slip right off. Funny story here: I went to find my brother to coax him into taking photos of me piping the cupcakes. When I returned to the kitchen with him in tow, we couldn’t find them anywhere.  Nowhere! He suggested that maybe our darling, yet greedy dog Kosi might have gobbled them. Because he’s totally done that: gobbled half of a lemon yogurt cake. He sneaks in and does this when no one’s looking. And then it hit me: I’d kept them in the freezer to cool down and I just forgot. Clever, eh?

P1040781                                                                                                                I had to try one, didn’t I?

Surprise icing:

Makes enough to cover the above number of cupcakes

Duration: 15 mins


Butter, softened – 100gms

Milk – 100ml

Sugar – 100gms

Flour – 35gms

Vanilla essence – a few drops

Liqueurs, food colours – if needed


In a sauce pan, whisk the milk and flour together till no lumps remain.




Now put this mixture on low-medium heat and whisk like crazy! Really, I mean it. Once the milk heats, the mixture almost becomes dough, so mixing it very well while heating is key here, to avoid lumps. Once thick, take off the heat and let it cool.

P1040772 see how thick this is? that’s why you need to whisk like mad!

Beat butter and sugar together till pale, creamy and light. Try to make sure the sugar isn’t grainy any more.





Gradually add the flour mixture to, beating well after each addition. Finally add vanilla essence and any other flavouring/colourings you’re using.





Put into a piping bag. If you want, you can let the piping bag sitting in the freezer for 5 minutes so that the icing firms up a bit. The firmer the icing, the more defined the piping. But too firm, and you won’t be able to pipe!


New folder9


Anyway once you pipe, you could keep it in the freezer again for 5 minutes to set it well.

Now, serve away and enjoy!


I for one can’t wait to experiment more with this icing!



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