DIY Coin Bracelet

Hey guys! Remember how I told you I was the happiest when I could recreate something for a fraction of its price? This bracelet is one such thing.

I was browsing the River Island site, when I saw this beautiful bracelet. I love belly dance and this bracelet looked a bit like a hip scarf, so of course I’d want it. But it cost INR 1800 (USD 31 ). It is waaay outta my budget. So I made something similar at home and it cost… guess? Roughly less than INR 50 (USD 0.86)!

I know, right? It didn’t even take a long time, roughly 30 minutes (well, I listened to about 7-10 songs. That’s how calculate time). And it took me so long only because I was taking my own sweet time, enjoying the beautiful weather, dreaming, etc

It isn’t the same of course, it is just my version of that beautiful bracelet.


DIY coin bracelet


the one from RI


my hip scarf


As a kid, I participated in so many stage events and have many costume jewelry pieces which I don’t use now. For the coin beads, I took this chain apart. You can buy them from shops, of course.

Things you need:

A bangle

Bendy wire

Coin beads (is that what they’re called? Well, that’s what I’m calling them in this post.)




1.Secure one end of the wire to the bangle.

2.Thread 1-2 coins. Wrap wire around the bangle loosely, so that the beads can jingle. Insert more beads. Wrap. Insert, wrap and so on till you do the whole bangle.

3.Secure the end tightly around the bangle with pliers. Done!

So simple!


Use a very bendy wire so that you can bend  it with your hands, and make the work easier. A stiffer wire will need pliers and a LOT of your energy.

Try to match the bangle, beads and wire so that it looks as seamless as possible (your errors will be less visible too 😉 )


looking good, eh?


what did you think?

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