Crème Caramel Ice Cream

Hey guys 🙂 Here’s a fact: I’m not crazy about ice cream. Of course, I like eating it, and when I do, I can’t have more than a scoop. If you gave me 3-5 scoops of mousse, THAT I will love! But not ice cream and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the really mild (washed out) taste of most brands found at grocery stores. For me ice cream has to be rich, thick and the flavour should really blow my taste buds away. This recipe makes one such ice cream: so creamy, so luscious, with a pure caramel flavour and the loveliest colour! Now this is one ice cream I can eat multiple scoops of and not feel too full. I’m really in love! Oh, it was a super success with the family too. I know, because my mama asked for a second helping, and she is my sincerest, most honest critic.


I used single (pouring cream) because I couldn’t find heavy cream. But this made the ice cream very light and I’ll use the same method in the future too, even if heavy cream is available. I absolutely loved the texture!


Serves 2 0r 3: Depends on how greedy you are! 😉 

Duration: Prep and cooking- 30 minutes, Freezing – 4 hours 


Cream – 200ml

Milk – 100ml

Sugar – 50 gms

Egg yolks – 3

Vanilla essence – 10ml


1.Whisk yolks with vanilla essence till very pale and light. Set aside.

blog craft

see how it goes from heavy and sunny yellow to frothy and pale yellow?

2.Place sugar on heat with about two tbsps. of water, and make caramel. Turn off heat.


from sugar to caramel: a history 😉

3.Add the cream. Be super careful while you do so, because it splatters, and you don’t want to mess with Lady Caramel- she burns! When you do so, the caramel solidifies.


4.Add milk to the caramel+cream mixture, and reheat this mixture gently so that all the caramel dissolves. Take off the heat.


5. Add very little of the hot caramel mixture to the egg yolks and whisk well. This is called tempering. If you add all of it at once, the yolks will curdle. So once you’ve tempered the yolks, you can add more, gradually while whisking.


6.Put the mixture back on heat, and cook till it forms a custard that coats the back of a spoon.


this is how the custard should coat the spoon

7. If you have an ice cream churner, go ahead and use that. If you don’t (like me), pour it into a container and freeze. Every half hour, use a fork and mix the frozen sections back into the liquid. Do this 2-3 times. Let set for at least 4-5 hours.


Serve and enjoy!




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