3 Ingredient, Quick Chocolate Pudding

Hey guys 🙂 Recently, a friend of mine requested for ten minute recipes on the blog. Well, here’s one! Okay, technically, it isn’t ten minutes long BUT it is very easy and requires 3 ingredients (or two components). So easy that if someone handed you the ingredients, you really could do it blindfolded. Or with one hand. Yep, just like those Top Chef challenges. 😉 Oh, and as a bonus, it is healthy- okay, healthy-ish (I’m looking at you, cream!) because, surprise surprise: it contains avocado. Yes, that essential fatty acid rich glorious fruit! Also here’s an article about the benefits of avocado. Remember how I told you I always keep ganache at hand? If you have it in your freezer, this takes really only ten minutes to whip up.


Avocado has a very creamy texture when blended, and it is very stable too. Also the very subtle, delicate flavour of avocado is masked by the strong flavour of chocolate, so don’t worry that this will taste weird. It is delicious! You get the pudding like texture from the avocado, and the chocolate flavour from the ganache. Why did I use ganache instead of plain chocolate? Simply because I already had it at hand and this recipe was all about speed. Next time,  I’ll try with just melted chocolate. Also, I’ll probably add a dash of strong coffee, because coffee+chocolate= heaven!

Okay, enough talking, on with the recipe!


Serves 1, Duration:  Prep- 15 minutes +  Freezing – 15 minutes

Avocado – 1

Chocolate ganache – ¾ cup (½ cup chopped chocolate + ¼ cup cream, melted together and cooled)


1. Slice the avocado in half, stone it and remove the pulp with a spoon. Blend it with some sugar till it is smooth and no lumps remain. It will look like softly whipped cream.

2. See ganache recipe here. Lightly whip the cooled, thickened ganache so that it’ll be easier to mix the avocado in.


3. Add the avocado and whip lightly till combined.




4. Pour into serving bowls (or whatever) and freeze for 15 minutes. Freezing it makes the pudding firmer and more stable. That’s it!



 see the gorgeous, silken texture?

Enjoy! 🙂


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