Marshmallow fondant: An attempt and Blog Update

Hey guys! I just wanted to update you on what’s happening in my life: I’m off to college. This will be my last year and I have mixed feelings! Anyway, in my hostel, I don’t have kitchen facilities, so food related posts will be fewer in number from now (till I return home for Christmas). However, I’ve prepared some food related posts which I’ll write, edit and post later. Also, I’ll try to upload simple mini recipes. As for DIY posts: don’t worry! I’ll increase the number of DIY posts 🙂

Rather than a post, today I just wanted to share with you one of my recent experiments in the kitchen. I attempted to make marshmallow fondant. Well, an experiment gone wrong! But it was fun learning. I really have no clue as to what went wrong. Maybe I should just blame the poor quality marshmallows I bought! The recipe seemed simple enough: melt marshmallows in the oven with a little water, add icing sugar, knead, and voila! I followed this recipe. I’m in no way saying this recipe is at fault. I must have skipped some step. The fault is mine and mine only.

So first, I impatiently waited for the power to come back so that I could melt the marshmallows. When it did, I added some water to them. I think I may have added too much.
Then I microwaved them.


It was a slime green colour because the marshmallows were light green (apple flavoured?).


I added sugar. The recipe says it should form a dough. Mine looked like pancake batter even after adding all the sugar. Then I added cocoa powder -because chocolate improves everything, right? Also cocoa is drying – but it still stayed runny. And now bitter from too much cocoa.


So I added corn flour. I added. And added. After adding about 2cups, it formed a dough(I’m not even going to call it fondant, because, really? Ugh). A grainy, gritty dough. Then I got bored and chucked it in the fridge. Yeah, I’m not even going to use it because I know it’ll taste: grainy, artificial apple flavour, bitter cocoa, and cloyingly sweet. Bah. I also made a mess of the whole place.

In the end:

Anyway, it was fun to share with you one of my failures. Hahahaha.
If you know what went wrong, please, enlighten me!

Have fun!


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