Coffee crèmes with fresh strawberry coulis and butterscotch sauce

Hey guys 🙂 Today’s post is a rich creamy plated dessert. The coffee crème is kind of like crème brulée, without the brulée (burnt, or more aptly, caramelized sugar) on top. I made a strawberry coulis to go with it. Once during a practical exam, the super talented chef who came to test us advised me that adding lemon juice (or other acid)  to strawberries would take them to a whole different level. I wisely followed his advice this time, and he was so right!! The freshness and tartness of the coulis cuts through the creaminess of the coffee cream and is perfectly balanced by the sweet butterscotch sauce.

Anyway, enough talking, let’s get cooking!

Coffee crème:

Serves:4, Duration: Prep- 15 minutes + Cooking- 25-30 minutes + Cooling – 1 hour


Cream – 250 ml

Egg yolks – 4 nos

Caster sugar – 50 gms

Instant coffee granules – 2 tbsp

Warm water – 2 tbsp


1.  Preheat oven at 180 c.

2. Beat yolks and sugar lightly. Set aside.

blog 53

3. Warm the cream till heated through. Do not boil it.

4. Make a thick mixture of coffee granules and warm water. Add this mixture to the warm cream.

P1070113just the aroma was enough to wake me up!

P1070116my pathetic attempt at latte art. How do they do it in coffee shops? Some are pure works of art. Check this guy out. Respect!

5. Slowly pour the warm cream into the yolk mixture while whisking continuously.


6. Strain the mixture into a jug to remove any lumps. Straining may seems like an extra step, but it ensure a perfectly smooth, lump free end product. Pour into molds. I used a silicon mold because I wanted to plate it like that.


7. Place the mold in a deep baking dish, fill with warm (not hot) water till it comes halfway up the sides. Cover the entire setup with aluminium foil. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or till it has set but is still slightly wobbly. Do check in between to make sure it is perfectly set.


8. Let it chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour before demolding.

Strawberry coulis:


I actually wanted a fresh tasting coulis, rather than a syrupy one, so I didn’t heat this. This meant that I wouldn’t be getting that translucent color you get from heating. Though this tastes really good (my brother fell in love with the coulis), I wasn’t satisfied with the color. Meh.

Duration- 15 minutes


Strawberries – 150 gms + extra for garnish

Lime juice – 2 tsp

Icing sugar- 2 tbsp


Combine everything together in the blender till smooth. Strain any seeds out. Add one or two chopped strawberries.

Butterscotch sauce:

I didn’t use any milk in this sauce because I wanted a very thick butterscotch sauce. Make sure the cream is room temperature or warm even, because otherwise the sugar will harden (like it happened to me -_- ). Oh, I also forgot to take a picture. My bad.

Duration- 15 minutes


Sugar – 50 gms

Butter – 10 gms

Cream – 80 ml

Place sugar on heat. Once it caramelizes, add the butter. Be careful, it’s hot! Add cream and heat till everything is thoroughly combined.


Place a piece of the cream, swirl the sauces around. I garnished with caramel almonds (that I made by dipping almonds in the above mention caramel) and strawberries.



Enjoy! 🙂


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