Cantaloupe (muskmelon) Ice

It is called an Indian summer for a reason: so hot in here! But this is the perfect excuse (not that we needed one!) to eat ice cream, ice pops, frozen shakes and all sorts of chilled and frozen yumminess by the bucketful. Oh joy!


Today’s recipe is so refreshing and so cooling. It is perfect for when you overheat. This pairs the delicate flavour of musk melon (cantaloupe) with the freshness of mint. These flavours, with the iciness will keep you cool throughout summer. A perfect summer thirst quencher, this.

Musk melon ice

Serves: 4 small portions; Duration: 20 minutes + Freezing time


Cantaloupe (Muskmelon) juice – 200ml

Sugar – 50gms

Water – 50ml

Mint leaves

Salt – a pinch


1.If you are making juice from scratch: separate the flesh from the rind. I found that it was so much simpler to do this with an ice cream scooper. You can remove every last bit of flesh this way, and it is so convenient! I suppose a ladle would work too. Juice the flesh in a blender. Strain the juice. We want a clear juice.


2.Make a syrup with water, sugar and a couple of crushed mint leaves.



3.Sweeten the juice as much as you would like with the syrup. Add some thinly sliced strips of mint.


4.Freeze this mixture. Using a container with more surface area will help it freeze faster. Every half hour, break up the ice crystal with a fork. Do so till the entire amount freezes. Serve!


Voila! It was THAT easy.






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